I admit it…Bottle Feeding is easier than Breast Feeding

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I hate to be that breast feeding mom to publicly say something that so many of us find to be completly despicable, formula bottle feeding is easier.  Don’t get me wrong I know “breast is best” and before you stop reading and decide I am a horrible person let me explain!

I breast feed my son for 7 months, he never even tried a bottle, and I had every intention of doing the same for my daughter.  Things don’t always go as planned, she needed surgery 2 weeks after birth, so I breast feed and gave her a couple bottles a day to ensure that if she was away from me in the hospital she would still have plenty to eat.  Sure, I could have pumped but I saw no point in buying an expensive pump when my intention was to stop the bottle soon as she was home from the hospital.  On this road of health problems and stress my milk supply decreased and when I stopped using the bottle I had one hungry and angry little girl, I gave her more bottles and did all the tricks I could for getting my supply up, it worked, and now I have a pretty decent supply.

Even with my milk back I’m still formula feeding her about half the time, the horror right… Well it turns out it’s just easier.  Sure, I have a ton of guilt about it, the internet community has scared me into thinking I’m a bad mom and that her But my logic tells me it’s not hurting her, she is still getting the benefits of breast feeding.

The bottle is just so much easier when I am out of the house, I can feed her at a restaurant without having to let my food get cold.  I can feed her quickly when I need to so I can attend to my 16 month olds needs, instead of always waiting 30 minutes to feed her when he might be waiting for lunch too.

Maybe I’m selfish, but I have every intention of continuing to try to have the best of both feeding methods!

  1. You have to do what works for you. Not everyone is willing to flash the boob to the world. Plus as long as she is getting some breast during the first year, that is better than none at all.

  2. Finally Fast says:

    I did both with my now 15 month old son. I went back to work 5 weeks after having him and really didn’t have any other option. I was grossed out by the thought of pumping in a public rest room at work. I think it’s a perfect balance.

  3. Kaitee says:

    Blah! Ignore the internet community! I’m a (student) midwife and I’m totally of the opinion that a happy mother is a happy child and you do what works for you. That’s not exactly me towing the company line, but I’m bottle feeding my daughter too as she was born during a cyclone and we were evacuated separately and then she went into special care for three days, so we never got the best start. I did it for as long as I could, but that wasn’t long and I honestly believe that as long as the child is being fed and loved, in the end nothing else matters.

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