Is year round school a good idea?

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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There is a school district in my area that is considering year round school, I think it is a great idea!  Why should we stick to an old irrelevant system, we are no longer farmers, we don’t need our children home during the summer months to work! I am not sure about other states but here in Michigan there are major problems with high drop out rates and low test score, some schools even failing completely.

So why not try something new? Change is hard but locally the argument against year round schooling is, of course, money. Year round school will cost the districts more…This is ridiculous, yes it will cost more, but in the long run it will also lead to better educated and more intelligent children, children who may grow up and not become a burden on society.

Also lets not for forget the non-educational benefits.  Parents will not need to hire a day care provider for the summer, children may not have the time to get into as much trouble (no I am not saying it will solve all behavior issues, but if it helps a few kids get in a little less trouble, then that’s a positive).

But I guess we have to ask ourselves: whats more important, a balanced budget and no raise in taxes, or our children’s futures?


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