Food stamps for lottery winner…

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here in Michigan we have a great Department of Human Services (MDHS), I know this from experience.  I am not embarrassed to admit I have turned to MDHS for help in the past (food assistance & utility shut off protection), but once we no longer needed these services we stopped them.  These services are ment to help us in times of need, so we gan get onto our feet again.

One man abused this system thru a loophole. He won a 2 million dollar lottery and continues to receive his food assistance.  Technically he did nothing legally wrong, assistance is based on income, not on the money in your bank. Large one time payments “don’t count”.

There are  not many pushing to review the system.  This mans greed has the potential to make it more difficult for those who really need the help to get help.

It is ridiculous that we as a society are so greedy, you would think a $850,000 lump sum would be enough…but I guess he still can’t afford to feed himself.  I’m pretty sure this guy wont be spending on of this money on friends or family, just on his number one (himself).

  1. dlysen says:

    Some people are too greedy. He just want to enjoy the benefits that he can get. Its up to his moral responsibilities not to claim his food stamps when he can able to provide food for himself for a while or for the long time.

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