My Mom Guilt

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I have a very bad case of mom guilt.  My son is 16 months now and my daughter is 6 weeks.  Since my son was born I have only been away from him while at the doctors and when in the hospital having my daughter.  He does fine with my husband alone and even did great when he was watched by a relative when I was having my c-section. But, I  can’t stand leaving them for anything that isn’t completely necessary  ( i.e. doctors appointments).

I just feel so guilty taking anytime for myself. My son stays up until I go to bed and my daughter wakes up very early, so I never have anytime without my kids. Which isn’t a bad thing, but I really could use a little grownup time; I am feeling a little worn out.

I really started thinking about this because I was invited to the movies next Saturday. They are going at 9pm and my husband would be home to watch the kids, and the theater is only 5 minutes from our house.  Even though I know it would be fine, I just feel so guilty at the thought of being away from them.  I cannot shake the mom quilt… I know it seems crazy but for some reason I feel like a bad mom every time I even think about taking a few minutes for myself.


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