Tattoo itch

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I desperately want to have some tattoo work done, almost all my tattoos are half finished and have been that way for about 2+ years. My husband is an artist and we own a tattoo shop, so you think it would be no big deal to get some work done…

There are two main things stopping me: my husband and my mom guilt.  He never feels like working on my tattoos because he is busy at work and when he isn’t working the last thing he wants to do it work some more.  I totally understand, but the way I see it is he started all this work, he should finish it!

Reason number two: what to do with my kids! I have a friend who said she will come to the shop when he  works on me and watch the kids up there, that way I don’t have to leave them, but I still feel so bad taking time for myself and not spending it with the kids.  I guess this is the same reason my hair hasn’t been done in forever…

Having half finished tattoo work in the summer makes me feel gross, I do not like wearing summer clothes because I feel exposed and unfinished. My tattoos are a part of me and when they are unfinished I feel unfinished.


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