My kid is “that kid” in the store

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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My son is 17 months he refuses to talk, instead he screams to communicate.  He throws tantrums sometimes but those are not too bad, the worse is his very loud high-pitched scream that he has when he is happy, or pointing to something (pretty much all the time).  It is so loud you can hear him from across a department store.

He is the kid everyone stares at and whispers “I would never let my kid act like that..” I think he gets frustrated that he cannot communicate better, I don’t know why he isn’t talking yet, but hopefully once he starts the screaming will stop.  Until then I do my best to keep him quiet brings snacks and toys everywhere we go, but if he is screaming because he is happy there isn’t much that can be done!

Please next time you judge a mother and her toddler in a store think about it, usually there isn’t always much that can be done to quiet down a loud baby, and I can’t be expected to stop shopping half way through to take my child home!


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